Heal The Skin Using Stem Cells

Stem Cell R&D has come a long way and is now being used to treat a multitude of inflammatory skin conditions including aging. With scientific advancements and years of research using adult human stem cells to stimulate our natural healing process is a safe, effective treatment.

Using the right variety of stem cells that our skin recognizes, we can rapidly increase our cellular repair. The regimen is simple, by applying a serum and moisturizer topically 1-2X a day, the damaged cells can be replenished using the same processes that our skin would use to heal itself. Think of these stem cells as nourishment feeding the damaged cells and returning the skin back to homeostasis. Healthier, more resilient, hydrated, younger looking skin!

There are many different causes that contribute to skin problems such as advanced aging, acne, rosacea and many other types of skin conditions that may also be related to environmental toxins and lifestyle. Having access to safe, chemical free products that create healthy, younger looking skin is the beauty of modern day skincare. With scientific advancements the right products can create change in the skin that will keep our skin looking good at all ages.

We are now offering Neogenesis both for retail and in our professional treatments to help people heal their skin. Experience the difference!

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