Healing Powers of Himalayan Salt

At Elevate we are all about Holistic solutions for better health and promoting selfcare using clean non-toxic services and products that provide results and help the body heal. Last year we decided to add the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to our menu after reading all the healing benefits and our clients love this service! The spa has now added a variety of salt products for home use including the dry salt inhaler, deodorant spray, bath salts, chunk salt for ingesting and individual stones for self-massage.

The more I read and learn about the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt the more amazed I become. The Salt mines in the Himalayan mountains are one of the last untouched pure mineral sources of the earth. This salt contains 84 minerals that our bodies need to function properly. With the pollution of our water and soil even when eating healthy and organic we are not getting the nutrition we need. The studies I’ve been reading talk about drinking “sole” which is a salt solution using pure chunky Himalayan Salt mixed with living water in a very specific ratio daily to cleanse the body, improve our vibration, absorb these vital minerals and much more. I have been implementing this practice and wow what a difference. Better energy, digestion, mental clarity, and more. I did notice a detoxing effect the first week, which means it’s working. Even just soaking in a bag full of pure Himalayan salt can be equivalent to a 3 days cleanse!

I would highly recommend doing your research before implementing these practices and remember this is not regular salt, you are simply replenishing your body using pure and potent minerals.

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