Make Your Next Facial The Best Ever!

We want you to have the best experience during your spa service. Here are some ways to achieve great results every time.

Show up on time. We do our best to run on time for every client, we even block out extra time just in case. Being late not only takes away from your appointment but also affects the person after you.

Let go of negative energy. Our days can get stressful and that energy can actually affect the mood of others. Deep breathing is a great way to remove stress and overwhelm. Take a few minutes before your appointment to do this so you can truly enjoy the healing benefits of your treatment.

Reduce last minute cancellations. We all have packed schedules these days and unfortunately things do come up. We ask for a 24 hours notice for all appointment changes so we can accommodate others that may be on a waiting list. Help us be prepared for the day so we can give our customers the best service possible.

Communication is key. Sometimes we assume others can read our minds and know exactly what our body or skin needs. We have so many amazing tools at our finger tips to help you achieve results but without proper communication we may not know where to start. What is your top concern? Where does it hurt?

Take time for yourself. Our mission is to give you tools to help the body heal. Sometimes in order to do this you have to reduce the noise and distraction. Be quiet, listen to your inner voice and truly relax. This is where the magic happens!

We hope your next appointment is the best ever!

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