Reiki is a gentle, powerful hands on technique that uses the Universal Life Force Energy around us to heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It reduces stress, promotes relaxation and allows everyone to tap into the unlimited Life Force Energy to improve health and enhance the quality of life.

It’s a scientific fact that everything is matter and matter is made up of atoms (including us!).  Atoms are tiny particles of energy with incredible power.  The “Law of Conservation of Energy “ states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.  This helps us to understand that we are infinite energy that can be changed, but never destroyed.  There is a “field of energy “ that exists everywhere and includes everything and everyone.  It connects us.  Because we are all a part of this field, it’s possible for us to be influenced by other’s energy, and for them to be affected by ours.  Our thoughts and emotions are energy and can be changed positively by Reiki and other healing modalities.  We can learn to transform our emotions and thoughts from negative into positive ones.  It’s all energy!

7 Chakras

The human body has 7 main energy centers within it, called Chakras.  Each chakra correlates to specific physical and emotional parts of us.  Injuries, intense negative emotions and trauma can cause blockage in our energy body.  The longer it stays the larger it becomes, causing physical and emotional disfunctions.  This keeps your Life Force Energy from flowing freely through your body and inhibits feelings of peace, contentment and good health.  Imagine your body and your life force energy as a river.  When the river flows without obstruction, it is clear and calming.  Peaceful to sit by.  Now imagine that a storm cause a mudslide (trauma) to block the river.  The water becomes murky down river and sometimes muddy enough to choke the life out of the living things in the river.  Life has a way of tumbling rocks (trauma) into our rivers.  Our society doesn’t naturally support us taking time out to heal and deal with our problems.  In order for us to keep going, we need to ignore our heartache, our pain so we can continue to function.  These things don’t disappear however.  They become buried inside and come out in ill health or dysfunctional behavior.


This is where Reiki can help us all!  A Reiki Master or Practitioner has learned how to channel the Life Force Energy through their body and out of the hands.  This is a healing loving force.  When you receive a Reiki treatment, you lie down on a massage table, fully clothed.  For me, once you are settled, I begin by silently saying prayers to be guided to heal you for your highest good.  I then channel the energy and begin to lightly hold my hands on each of your chakras for a few minutes each.  If there are certain areas of concern, I will also focus on those areas.  The client may feel heat, a glowing energy, tingling sensation or nothing.  It works regardless of what is felt.  At the very least, it is very relaxing.  For clients who have pain or trauma and cannot indure touch, I can also use a hands off method that I can hover my hands slightly over the areas and there is no difference in the treatment.

Reiki is not a religion.  Reiki is compatible with any religious or spiritual belief you already have.  Reiki is a healing technique, just like yoga or massage. Reiki heals on many levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I have many requests for reiki to help heal anxiety and depression and I have found it to be effective in helping people manage and clear emotional distress. Many hospitals are now using reiki with their patients.  Their studies show that reiki helps to enhance recovery and shorten hospital stays.

Reiki Master Barb Schoenebaum Kent

“I love reiki!  I give myself reiki every day.  It has improved my life in countless ways.  I want to use it to help you improve your life as well!  Please contact Elevate Wellness Spa to schedule your appointment.  It is my honor and mission to bring healing and compassion to your body, mind and spirit on your wellness journey.”

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