Heal Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is becoming more common due to the following factors: environment, diet, medications, over exfoliation using tools and stripping ingredients in skincare. The good news is there is a solution!

The first step is to remove topical irritants and inflammation. The skin can be aggravated by both external and internal factors. Once you can pinpoint a particular habit, ingredient or food allergy and correct it the skin should calm down. If it’s a matter of climate, sun exposure or dehydration those are easier to remedy.

Next, find the right products for your skin by eliminating exfoliation and letting your barrier repair itself. Your skins barrier referred to as your “acid mantle” which protects you from the invasion of bacteria and harmful ingredients. When compromised the skin can be inflamed, bumpy, red, rough and dry. The best thing to do is occlude the skin with a product rich enough to replenish the oil barrier. A cream containing ingredients to calm while speeding up the healing process are best.

Other key things to remember are wearing a chemical free SPF 30 daily. I prefer a zinc formula or mineral makeup which have added ingredients to calm, hydrate and protect against free radicals. Also, using formulas rich in anti-oxidants will help the skin repair quicker.

Internally, it is important to eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods like greens and blueberries to help decrease inflammation. Turmeric is another great thing to incorporate into your diet. Drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and medications. This will help your body detox and decrease overall inflammation.

Taking the first steps to managing inflammation is sure to improve the health of your skin and body.

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