Custom Massage

Massage Therapy can be a powerful tool in your regimen to maintain quality of life. If you are looking for recovery from athletic activities, chronic pain, or stress, we can provide the solution to help. We use a variety of modalities that include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, techniques that stem from Thai Massage, and (coming soon!) Ashiatsu.

Renewing Massage

Our Renewing Massage is customized to address your specific concerns. This is a Therapeutic Massage with Professional Therapists. We use a variety of pressure, from light to firm to work on a range of complaints from general de-stressing to more advanced post-operative or chronic pain issues. Most people have tension in neck and shoulders, low back pain, foot pain and more that can be solved with regular massage appointments, accompanied by traditional health care methods. The length of massage you choose will determine how detailed we can address your concerns.

Sports Massage

Sports Massages have several different purposes. If you are gearing up for an event, you may want to book a 30-45min warm-up massage. This is a brisk massage to increase circulation and prepare muscles and joints for a race or climb. As a post event recovery, you may want to book a longer service that will include stretching and some deep tissue to flush lactic acid from the muscles and promote a faster recovery. Be wary of booking a long session prior to an event, as we would not want to promote fatigue or soreness as a result of an intense massage. This type of massage also applies to those who regularly work out or hike. There are lots of different types of athletic activities and we can customize your massage based on your individual preferences.

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage can be effective for either pre-natal or post-partum mothers. There has been concerned expressed about receiving a massage in the first trimester. Modern science has now taught us to proceed with caution. We will caution you if this is your first pregnancy, if there are complications with your pregnancy or if there are certain conditions in your pregnancy that would compromise the baby during the first trimester. If you have passed these prerequisites, we will happily work on you, but it will be a lighter pressure, focusing more on neck and shoulders, hands and feet. As you progress through your pregnancy, we can perform a side-lying massage that soothes hips and legs, neck and shoulders, hands and feet. This can give rest to expectant mothers. If you would like, we can even perform gentle work on the tummy that may get the baby to respond! It is a lovely experience that brings soothing restoration for Mommy’s to be!

As a post-partum technique, once the doctor clears you, it will help bring rest and rejuvenation to those experiencing a new routine and a new life companion. We will customize the massage to what you are most looking forward to.

Hot Stone Massage

Using warm Himalayan Salt Stones to soothe muscle tension, this massage is a luxurious way to drop in to check out. The salt stones leave a nice mineral deposit on the skin that nourishes distressed cells. Salt stones are negatively charged ions which neutralize the positively charged human energy allowing for a more powerful experience than a traditional hot stone massage that uses basalt stones. The heat from the stones permeate muscle fibers to a deeper level than using pressure alone.